Boosting research and innovation in the company Digital Craft by implementing a digital workflow for design and fabrication of custom jewellery


”CUSTOMCRAFT -Boosting research and innovation in the company Digital Craft by implementing a digital workflow for design and fabrication of custom jewellery”

The project will run for a period of 24 months, in Bucharest, starting on 09/09/2016. The total project value is 985,134.20 lei, of which reimbursable financial assistance is 834,614.92 lei.

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020.

24 months


985.134,20 lei

total budget

834.614,92 lei


Project Objectives

The project objective is the research and development of a significantly improved innovative process for design and fabrication of custom contemporary jewellery. The innovative process combines the features of traditional craftsmanship with digital tools, for designing, fabrication and marketing of custom jewellery. In this respect the project will achieve the following: capitalization on the results achieved through the doctoral research of Ms architect Ana Daniela Anton in the field of digital fabrication; conducting a research in the application of technologies for formal generation and digital fabrication of jewellery, developing a production line of mass-customized jewellery by digital means and increasing competitiveness of the company on national and international level.

Capitalization of R & D results obtained in the thesis of the Project Director, Ms. Ana Daniela ANTON, titled “Influences of Digital Fabrication Technologies on Contemporary Architecture”.

Equipping / workspace development and implementation of a fully digital workflow for design and fabrication of jewellery.

Development of the company and enhancement of the competitiveness of the company within three years of completion of the project.


The project won funding under the Competitiveness Operational Programme 2014-2020, Priority 1 – Research, technological development and innovation (RDI) in support of economic competitiveness and business development, investment PI1.b priority – promoting investments in R & I, developing links and synergies between businesses, research and development centres and higher education, Action 1.2.1 “Stimulating demand for innovation by enterprise RDI projects undertaken by individual companies or in partnership with R & D institutes and universities for innovation of processes and products in the sectors showing potential for growth “project type C:” Innovative enterprises, start-ups and spin-off “.

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